Karate Chop Stomach

It’s for definate this summer. It’s definatley definate! I WILL exercise everyday. This Summer and forever and ever and ever. Every year I always start it off and just when I get the hang of it, I start sliding and the exercise is reduced a little, and then a little bit more, and more… and more. Well not this time!

I started my new leaf last Sunday and I’ve kept it up since. A two mile jog/walk and a workout when I get home. It’s been going well so far and I’ve been feeling muscle pain every morning which is a good thing! I especially love the workouts on zuzkalight’s channel on Youtube. She has fantastic workouts that hit every muscle in your body and she’s got a great personality that urges people to do more exercise and to reach their goals.

I’ve decided that I want a karate chop stomach. By that I mean toned, not too muscley but toned enough to break a plank off haha. I think I made up that name but then again maybe not…

So I’m going to make sure I exercise everyday now with no excuses! I’ll update you all on how I’m getting on.