Black Squirrels

I decided to go for a walk in my local park on a cold day last week. It had been a few weeks since I had taken my camera out on a trip and the autumn feel was in full force. There was so much to look at but, that day, the squirrels had my attention. I see them all the time in NYC. It’s funny because I come from a rural part of Ireland and I seldom saw these cute little rodents there. However,  it was pretty hard to get a good photo because they never let me get too close.


While I was strolling through the park, I spotted a scene I really liked. I feel like it captured Autumn in such a simple yet delicate way. It’s one of my favorites.


I also saw an animal I didn’t even know existed (much to my American friends’ amusement). I had never seen a black squirrel. I knew of red squirrels and grey squirrels but I had never heard of black squirrels! None of my Irish friends had either, strange that!


I was amazed to say the least…


Man’s Best Friend?

Today I want to discuss something I adore. I needn’t say the word as judging from the title you probably already know what it is. However, I’ll say it anyway… Dogs. Big, slobbery, smiley, barky, squishy faced, chase my own tail dogs! My absolute favourite animal in existence. Growing up, there was always a big fluffy lovable friend by my side and since I can remember I have always treasured them as animals. I most definitely would say that they are Man’s best friend. What puzzles me and upsets me greatly is that there are cruel, horrible people that make me question this saying.

After thirteen beautiful years my gorgeous, lovable pooch Gus passed away and it devastated the whole family . The silence in the house was unbearable and we were eager to welcome another canine into the Buckley household. We searched the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals website and came across a beautiful Staffie who looked horribly upset. She really had it tough. The picture we saw of the cruelty case was enough. She had a nasty skin infection on her face and she really looked like she had been through the wars. Fortunately she was found by a loving foster family who took care of her and she was put on a course of antibiotics to clear it up.

       Moochie when she was found.

When we met her, she was dangerously thin and had scars on her face but she was the most friendliest, caring little pooch ever. She gave us a big smile and we knew she was ours. We adopted her straight away and gave her plenty of love and hugs. She knew immediately that she had found her family and her home.

After further examination, it was obvious that she had been used for breeding. Our guess was she had about 3 litters. She has very few teeth so we assume that she was either kicked around or was trying to chew her way out of somewhere. She is a very affectionate dog and always make sure she is close to us. It’s very clear that she just wants to be loved. However, you can see that the past haunts her as if anyone makes a swift movement with their foot or if someone play fights she gets extremely nervous. It makes me so sad when I see her like that. I just can’t understand how someone could be so cruel to such a beautiful animal.

She has grown a lot since we got her, she now knows how much we love her and although she is very appreciative, she has a little cheeky side. Even though she is forbidden from sitting on the furniture, she will come over to give one of us a cuddle and slowly make her way on to the sofa. Before you know it, she’s wrapped up in your arms with a big smile on her face. No one can get mad at her and boy does she know it!

Mooch fast asleep!

Gimme fooood!

Today, I really wanted to outline the love and loyalty animals have for humans and how sometimes that can go wrong for them. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals do amazing work and I would like to give a big thanks to them for all they do for animals. Thanks for saving my little Moochie :).

‘Til next time,