Black Squirrels

I decided to go for a walk in my local park on a cold day last week. It had been a few weeks since I had taken my camera out on a trip and the autumn feel was in full force. There was so much to look at but, that day, the squirrels had my attention. I see them all the time in NYC. It’s funny because I come from a rural part of Ireland and I seldom saw these cute little rodents there. However,  it was pretty hard to get a good photo because they never let me get too close.


While I was strolling through the park, I spotted a scene I really liked. I feel like it captured Autumn in such a simple yet delicate way. It’s one of my favorites.


I also saw an animal I didn’t even know existed (much to my American friends’ amusement). I had never seen a black squirrel. I knew of red squirrels and grey squirrels but I had never heard of black squirrels! None of my Irish friends had either, strange that!


I was amazed to say the least…



Photography is always something I have been interested in. When I’m in certain areas, I try to see the beauty you can capture in that moment. It’s always lovely to be able to look back at an image and remember a story that came along with it.

I recently spent some time with my parents at home in Ireland. They are situated in the west,  in an isolated, rural area, surrounded by nature. These photographs mark a very family orientated time for me, where we remembered to appreciate each other and of course the beautiful scenery that was around us.

My parents raised three children, me being the youngest. Growing up there has been highs and lows, as every family experiences. Nonetheless, we are extremely close. Laughter is usually the main thing that goes on in our house. From my  Dad making some hilarious pun joke, to my mam doing the typical thing Irish mammies do. “Oh that movie ‘Teenage Dancing’ is doing very well” “Mam, do you mean ‘High School Musical?”. Overall, we find each other quite entertaining.

Naturally, there is a time when children leave the nest and sadly for my parents, their three babies have left the country. One to the UK and two to the States. I miss my parents a lot but thank God for skype! While I stayed with my parents for the month of October, I did two things: ate a whole lot of sandwiches, and had my camera ready on any walks we took. Not a bad mix, might I add. Anyway, I had an amazing time and got a few shots of the beautiful scenery. Here are some of the images I captured: