Bricfeasta Sláintiúla

Seo é tionscnamh a rinne mé le haghaidh an Ollscoil. Conas bricfeásta deas, simplí agus sláintiúla a ullmhú.

This is a project that I did for College. How to make a simple, healthy breakfast.


Rain, Rain, Go Away

The rain is absolutely pouring down here at work. I heard thunder too. AND I’ve to walk home. To top it all off, I’m wearing flip-flops. The morning loves tricking me by bringing out the sun… gets me every time! It looks like this right now:


I am going to be so mad if I get hit by lightning. I haven’t got time for these types of shenanigans!

Just another day of BeingBuckley…

Karate Chop Stomach

It’s for definate this summer. It’s definatley definate! I WILL exercise everyday. This Summer and forever and ever and ever. Every year I always start it off and just when I get the hang of it, I start sliding and the exercise is reduced a little, and then a little bit more, and more… and more. Well not this time!

I started my new leaf last Sunday and I’ve kept it up since. A two mile jog/walk and a workout when I get home. It’s been going well so far and I’ve been feeling muscle pain every morning which is a good thing! I especially love the workouts on zuzkalight’s channel on Youtube. She has fantastic workouts that hit every muscle in your body and she’s got a great personality that urges people to do more exercise and to reach their goals.

I’ve decided that I want a karate chop stomach. By that I mean toned, not too muscley but toned enough to break a plank off haha. I think I made up that name but then again maybe not…

So I’m going to make sure I exercise everyday now with no excuses! I’ll update you all on how I’m getting on.


Stress Ruins Everything

Why is it when you have something important to do your face just can’t handle it? I’m quite lucky that I rarely get spots and I don’t have bad skin. I was fortunate as a teenager as I wasn’t a sufferer of any form of acne. But it seems that now that I’m out alone in the big bad world of deadlines, presentations and impressing people, my face goes on strike. In the last few weeks, I have had a series of job interviews and presentations and BAM the eczema has been out in full force with some spots backing it up. Wow. Thanks for the support face!

This morning I woke up with some angry looking eczema on my eyes, so much that I don’t have an eyelid anymore. Similar to the Hunchback of Notre Dame…

Well thankfully its an interview for a radio station and not a television one…face for the radio anyone?? haha.

Wish me luck guys!